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No holds barred: Ian Chappell’s stinging assessment of West Indies captain

Ian Chappell says West Indies captain Jason Holder makes too many ‘foolish’ decisions to suggest he will ever make a good captain.

In a stinging critique largely supported by his Macquarie Radio co-commentator John Emburey, Chappell picked early on day one of the Boxing Day Test that the tourists had no plan B for Usman Khawaja.

‘They’ve got this plan for Khawaja – ‘We’re going to come around the wicket to him’ – and that’s the plan. There’s nothing else,’ Chappelli said before Khawaja had even reached the 40 on his way to a classy 144.

‘It’s been foolish for the past hour.

‘I would’ve thought a couple of games in the under-13s would tell you this method isn’t working and should be changed.’

Emburey: I think eventually he will become a good captain … but that lack of experience shines through.

Chappell: You’re more optimistic than I am with Jason Holder.

‘There’s too many foolish things happening – and they’ve been happening too long – for me to think he’s an instinctive captain.

‘There are blokes who are instinctive and natural captains, and others who work hard at it.

‘But there are some things that are obvious, and this is pretty damned obvious.’

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