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No more space: The Iconic Aussie backyard is on the decline

The iconic Australian backyard is slowly disappearing and subdividing of properties could be to blame

Landscaper and co-host of Selling Houses Australia, Charlie Albone, said the hills hoist, trampolines and garden gnome collections are on a steady decline.

“People are now really engaging with their gardens and looking towards nurturing their plants,” said Albone.

“Long gone are the days of using your garden for practical things like a hills hoist or trampolines.

“People now take care and pride in their plants.

“Definitely subdividing homes and apartments has put an end to big backyards and backyard cricket.

“But the recent Ashes series might say otherwise.”

As for the relevance of garden gnomes…

“Garden gnomes are on the decline, as they should be.” said Albone.

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