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‘No, Prime Minister’: Why Neil Mitchell doesn’t think Scott Morrison understands drug use

Neil Mitchell thinks recent comments have shown Scott Morrison is naive about drug use in Australia.

In pitching the case for drug-testing welfare recipients, Mr Morrison said: “Being on drugs stops you from getting a job. It’s that simple.”

Not so, Neil said.

“I’m not sure the Prime Minister understands this,” he said. “I think he’s got this very wrong.”

“Stops you from getting getting job? No, Prime Minister.

“Plenty of drug users work, many work.

“They hide their addiction and in some cases don’t even get high; they need the drugs to feel normal and keep working.

“I think the Prime Minister is showing his naivety here.”

By way of example, Neil Mitchell went on to detail the story of Matthew Mitcham, the 2008 Olympic diving champion who later admitted to an ice addiction.

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(Photo: Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images)