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‘No regrets’: Guy Sebastian responds to attempts to have him cancelled

Musician and The Voice judge Guy Sebastian says he has no regrets for his role in backing Scott Morrison’s arts funding announcement, despite an angry backlash from the outrage brigade.

Twitter erupted when Sebastian appeared nodding behind the Prime Minister at a press conference announcing the $250 million package last week, accusing him of abandoning colleagues.

“I just think you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” Sebastian told 3AW Afternoons host Dee Dunleavy.

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“Nothing changes unless you’re there with our elected leader. He’s elected to be there and the one making the call.

“So I can jump on Twitter and have a bit of whinge or I can actually get in there and fight for my industry and fight my my peers.

“I’ve got no regrets.

“I think the problem is that those people are reported on as though they speak for the majority, and they just don’t.

“They’re pretty extreme in their views and I just think if they lob everyone into the same narrative it’s not a very balanced point of view.

“I don’t think anyone can doubt my only intention was to fight with good intentions, I wasn’t paid to be there.

“But I know it was worth doing.”

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