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‘No. Way.’: Qantas passenger calls Ross and John to scoff at ‘nosedive’ story

Qantas has been asked to explain why they didn’t report a mid-air incident on a flight from LA to Melbourne.

But a passenger called 3AW to doubt the seriousness of the situation.

The Australian newspaper has today reported passengers were holding hands in fear for their life while their aircraft flew into a wake of turbulence from another Qantas flight taking off at a similar time.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has asked the carrier why it didn’t inform them of the incident.

But 3AW Breakfast listener Maureen, who was on the flight, called Ross and John to say she was far from fearing for her life.

“It wasn’t as bad as they’re sounding it,” Maureen said.

“It was just like normal turbulence except a bit more flapping.

“I wouldn’t have thought we fell too much, it only lasted a few seconds.

“The crew and captain all thought it was quite unusual but it wasn’t too bad.

“Everyone was bedded down. I just thought ‘Oh God, it’s going to be a bit rough’, and then the captain told us what happened.”

Ross: So you didn’t hold hands with someone during a 10-second nosdive in which you thought you were going to die.

Maureen: No. Way.

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