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Noodles? The bizarre ideas considered by the state government to ease train congestion

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A leaked state government document has found its way into the hands of the opposition.

The document outlines ideas considered at a transport planning day in February.

3AW state political reporter James Talia has seen the document, which contains some bizarre suggestions.

Among the ideas considered to ease congestion was a proposal to introduce rental electronic scooters similar to the failed oBike scheme.

An odd idea from Japan was also floated.

“One thing that came up was an example from Tokyo, and that is to give out free noodles to commuters at train stations in the hope that some of them would stand and eat their noodles instead of all running for the train at the same time,” Mr Talia told 3AW’s Nick McCallum.

“The government has stressed that is certainly not something they’re going to look at doing, but this is how broadly this ideas day went.”

The document also revealed the busiest time on Melbourne roads — midday on Saturday.

Based on the information in the leaked document, the opposition is alleging that the Andrews government has shut down its transport planning department, Transport for Victoria.

The government denies the claim, saying that the department has been rolled into another department.

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