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North Korea have everything they need to create a nuclear nightmare

An expert in nuclear weapons has told Tony Jones that North Korea has been on an atomic spending spree, and a hydrogen bomb could have the capacity to kill 300,000 residents of Seoul in their beds.

It was announced via North Korean media on January 06 that the notoriously isolated state had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that registered 5.1 on the Richter scale.

Though there has been skepticism as to the authenticity of the extraordinary claim, Professor Joe Siracusa, expert in nuclear weapons and politics at RMIT University told Tony Jones that the test was a deadly development.

‘The North Koreans pose a clear and present danger to security interests around the world and Australia should be concerned,’ he told Tony Jones, ‘we all know they are nuts.’

Professor Siracusa also said that the North Koreans had everything that they would need to create a nuclear nightmare. 

‘The North Koreans can create more damage in about three hours than ISIS can in 30 years,’ he said.

Listen in full as Professor Joe Siracusa speaks with Tony Jones