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North Melbourne footballers accused of behaving badly at Port Melbourne pub

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North Melbourne footballers have been accused of behaving badly and abusing residents during the club’s post-season celebrations at a Port Melbourne pub last Wednesday.

3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File was alerted to a possible case of ‘out of control’ behaviour from members of a ‘sporting club’ last week.

Port Melbourne resident Tzena Naarden then revealed on 3AW Drive she had been abused by a group of young men who had spilled out into a laneway next to her home, but did not realise who they were at the time.

She said she had since found out they were North Melbourne players.

Ms Naarden said the men were looking for a set of keys outside The Cricketer’s Arms Hotel and one of them set off an alarm after climbing onto the roof of a house.

‘They told me to go away in not the nicest terms,’ Ms Naarden said.

‘I understand boys will be boys, but there’s just no need for it.

‘They were trying to find some keys, actually.

‘I’d like to say I’ve found those keys ? they were in our front garden.’

She said the pub had a reputation of being a ‘little out of control’ at times.

‘I’m not completely blaming them (players), I’m more blaming the pub for letting them escape and run riot in the street,’ she said.

3AW Drive retrieved the set of keys from Ms Naarden and Tom Elliott has invited their owner to come and pick them up.

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