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‘Not copping it’: Shooters, fishers want to keep doing their thing

Hunters and anglers maintain there’s confusion about whether they can partake in shooting and fishing, despite a clear directive to stay home.

Neil Mitchell: Why fight about this?

MP David Limbrick: I don’t think we need to cop it.

After fierce debate on 3AW yesterday, Minister for Fishing Jaala Pulford tweeted “the advice is clear, you need to stay home”.

“There are a lot of sacrifices we need to make – and going out to fish is one of them.

“For some people, fishing is their job and at this stage that’s OK. However, if you don’t need to go fishing, you shouldn’t be.”

But that’s not clear enough for some people, including Liberal Democrat MP David Limbrick.

Mr Limbrick: It’s a bit of a mess. It would be great if they clarified it.

Neil: But they have! They said ‘No  bloody fishing’.

Mr Limbrick: Yep, and people don’t agree with it.

Neil: Well, I don’t agree with a lot of things but it’s the law, isn’t it?

Mr Limbrick: The whole point of this is to stop the spread of the virus and you can go out fishing and maintain a distance from people and that doesn’t increase the chances of spreading the virus.
People aren’t going to accept it if they don’t they it makes sense.

Neil: Well, they should.

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