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‘Not one of them has been called’: Major COVID-19 contact tracing delays spark concern

Concerns about major delays in Victoria’s coronavirus contact tracing system are growing, with two people telling Neil Mitchell they waited several days after receiving positive COVID-19 tests before being contacted by the tracing team.

Michelle Lewis waited five days before her test came back positive.

She called the Department of Health and Human Services on Saturday, four days after receiving her result to ask why no contact tracing had occurred.

They’ve taken the details of her close contacts, but she says nothing has been acted upon.

“Even today, I’ve spoken to a few of them this morning and not one of them has been called by the DHHS to say they’re a close contact of me,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“I haven’t had one police check, no one has checked on my welfare, no one has checked I’m in isolation.”

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Meanwhile, David, a tradesman who worked in private residences and at schools prior to his diagnosis, received a positive result last Tuesday.

But he wasn’t contacted by DHHS until Friday, after he called Neil Mitchell.

“They just wanted a bit of information on who I was in contact with, they took down details,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I did receive another call last night because she missed some information.

“I think there’s a bit of a lack of communication.”

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