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‘Nothing like the GFC’: Scott Morrison says measures taken to combat COVID-19 are ‘unprecedented’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the measures taken to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus are “unprecedented” and the government is prepared to implement stricter measures if necessary.

“This is nothing like the GFC, this has gone well beyond that now,” Mr Morrison told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“In the GFC we didn’t have to shut down the borders, in the GFC we didn’t have to stop mass gatherings of the public.”

The Prime Minister said the federal government is prepared to implement even tougher measures if the need arises.

“Will we have to do things that we haven’t had to do before? Yes, we will and we already are,” Mr Morrison said.

“The measures we announced yesterday are pretty unprecedented, at least for about 100 years.

“There will be disruptions to peoples lives. There are real significant economic impacts.

“It will be a challenging period, but Australians will come through.”

Mr Morrison said Parliament will sit as scheduled next week.

“They have really one job and that is to pass the measures in relation to health and economic support,” he said.

The national cabinet set up to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia is considering implementing restrictions on aged care facilities.

The cabinet will meet on Tuesday night to discuss the potential restrictions and discuss how to assist remote communities amid the outbreak.

Further advice on closed space gatherings is also expected to be handed down after tomorrow’s meeting.

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Image: Brook Mitchell / Stringer