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Nurse tried to become union member after ‘abhorrent’ incident

The nurse caught on camera in a confronting incident involving a disabled patient has tried to save his own skin by becoming a union member after the incident occurred.

Acting secretary of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Paul Gilbert revealed to Neil Mitchell this morning, the man approached the union and was quickly knocked back.

“He’s not a member?” Neil asked.

“Not when that happened, no,” Paul replied.

“Sometimes people misunderstand the concept of being a union member and think they can join up when something goes wrong, this would be one of those occasions.

“We swiftly educated him that that wasn’t how it worked.”

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“It’s abhorrent, nauseating, it’s a horrifying and gut-wrenching piece of vision,” Paul added.

As reported in The Herald Sun, the vision shows a nurse grab a patient, who has a significant brain injury and celebral palsy, by the throat and throw him against a bed.

The footage was recorded secretly after the family suspected abuse.

The nurse has been stood down and the state government has announced an investigation into the matter.

Photo: Herald Sun