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NZ free diver Ant Williams breaks world record under ice in Norway

Free diver Ant Williams was working as a sport psychologist, coaching risk takers on how to break through mental barriers, when he realised he hadn’t really done anything risky in his life himself.

The New Zealand born now Torquay resident eventually found free diving, putting his body under extreme pressure by holding his breath and diving under ice.

Last week in Norway Williams broke the world record for the deepest dive under ice.

He told Neil Mitchell when he’s not diving he can hold his breath for just over eight minutes.

“It takes a lot of training but over the years I’ve been very focused on competing and holding my breath it’s now up there with a world-class breath hold,” he said.

“The record I was after was to become the deepest man under ice.

“It took us a full day to cut a hole in the ice and then I had several attempts.

“The world record was 65 metres, on the first attempt I did 70 metres and then two days later I did 75 metres.”

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