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Offensive language at AFL games ‘worse than ever before’

The behaviour of AFL fans is again in the spotlight, with offensive language at games said to be worse than ever before.

3AW’s Matt Cram was left shocked during Tuesday’s Anzac Day clash between Essendon and Collingwood when a nearby fan unleashed with ‘all sorts of adjectives’ he couldn’t repeat on-air.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the fan became even more agitated when challenged about his behaviour.

All this happened within earshot of police, who did nothing.

Several families nearby were visibly uncomfortable with the man’s language, Cram said.

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And the incident clearly hit a nerve with 3AW listeners.

Tom Elliott was promptly flooded with calls from people complaining about language they’d heard at games this year.

Dr Peter Larkins was riding the boundary for 3AW Football on Anzac Day and said the language was ‘the worst he’d ever heard’ at a match.

‘Yesterday was the worst I’ve ever experienced in 21 years and I’ve been in the crowd a lot,’ Dr Larkins said.

‘I go to the footy every week and cover every team, so it’s not one particular team.

‘I know it’s footy and I know it’s barracking and I know you can’t be prudish, but the AFL is certainly keen these days to have young kids there.’

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