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Offers come flooding in for young Charlie after his bike was stolen!

A 12-year-old boy who saved up for three years to buy a special downhill mountain bike has been left gutted by an opportunistic thief stealing his bike from outside his school.

Charlie Thomson did chores around the house and saved up every cent for the bike, which he bought on sale for $700 from a local bike shop.

As the Leader first reported, it was stolen in October from outside Brunswick Secondary College, where it was locked up.

I want to restore some faith for a 12-year-old boy – Neil Mitchell

Generous 3AW listeners were quick with their offers after hearing young Charlie on 3AW!

Charlie told Neil he rode it a lot and was set on the bike he wanted, so much so he would visit it before he could afford to buy it.

“I was at at school one day and I came outside and my bike was stolen,” he said.

“I wasn’t really angry, more sad knowing how long it took me to save up.”

Paula, Charlie’s mum, said he was grief-stricken and had spent months watching videos on YouTube on downhill mountain bike riding to teach himself how to ride.

“He was really gutted,” she said.

“I know the police who have been fantastic, are really interested in getting the message out about keeping an eye on each other’s bikes.”

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She said it was a classic Aussie story, a young boy saving up doing a paper round to buy a bike.

Later on the show, the offers came flooding in.

Paula said she was touched and overwhelmed.

“Absolutely beautiful gestures,” he said.

“I can’t wait to pass on to him that people have been touched by his story.”

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Senior Sergeant Kate O’Neill from Brunswick Police Station said police had noticed an increase in bike theft recently.

“I’m really proud of my members, they let me know about Charlie’s situation,” she said.

“Already this week, my members have contributed over $100 to donate to Charlie, and we were going to work hard with members of the public to get him a bike, but you’ve done the job for us!”

Neil: That is real community policing isn’t it?

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