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One lonely MCC member is already lined up outside the MCG

It has begun!

Two days out from the Richmond v Collingwood clash at the G, a single MCC member has been spotted already lined up outside Gate 2.

3AW reporter Denis O’Kane was on his way to work this morning when he went down to the concourse to have a look.

“There’s one person here, completely covered in a blanket,” Denis told Ross and John.

“I just do not have the heart to wake that person up!”

“They look like they’re under a BBQ cover!” Ross said.

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During the Rumour File, it was raised that this person might be getting paid to be there to hold the spot.

Sunrise’s Nathan Templeton put that question to Albert, once he’d woken up, who confirmed he is an MCC member and he’s been camped out since 8pm Wednesday night!

“He is absolutely 100% a member, and lining up on his own behalf,” Nathan said.

“His son did the first shift, he was here last night.

“He said he’s slept six hours!”

With tickets for the game completely sold out, the line for the MCC is expected to begin forming tomorrow.