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One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts supports Donald Trump’s immigration policy

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has thrown his support behind Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policy.

The US President signed an executive order barring anyone from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, or Somalia entering the country.

The policy sparked widespread protests.

However, Mr Roberts told Neil Mitchell a majority of Australians would support a similar decision in Australia.

‘A government’s primary responsibility is to protect life, property, and freedom,’ he said. 

‘We can’t afford to bring more terrorists into this country.’

Neil said the policy, regardless of merit, is ‘essentially racist’ because it bans people on the basis of where they came from.

But the Queensland Senator denied it is racist.

‘Islam’s not a race,’ he said.

‘It’s also questionable as to whether it’s a religion. It’s a political ideology, for sure. A way of running a country, a way of running people’s lives.

‘We don’t want the things that are quite common in some Islamic people.

‘What we want to do is bring back Australia’s culture, protect Australian laws, and restore Australia’s constitution.’

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But terror expert David Wright-Neville told Neil the policy ‘lacks logic’. 

‘I think, in the long term, it’s not going to enhance American security at all,’ Dr Wright-Neville said.

‘It’s going to erode American global leadership.

‘And it’s going to feed into the terrorist narrative about Muslims being victims and it’s going to work as a recruiting tool for terrorist organisations.

‘It’s really only pandering to an irrational public fear about terrorism.’

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