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One of our new Upper House members wants everyone to be vegetarian


The Animal Justice Party wants everyone to be vegetarian — and now they have a member of parliament.

The AJP’s Andy Meddick was confirmed as the party’s first member when results of the Victorian Upper House were released on Tuesday.

Mr Meddick spoke to Nick McCallum about the party’s policies, including a society-wide transition to vegetarianism.

“The idea is to move away from our dependence on animal agriculture,” he said.

“Health organisations around the world have said we have to get rid of that dependence. It’s just not good for our health.”

Mr Meddick said the party did not deal with “preference-whisperer” Glenn Druery.

Nick also asked Mr Meddick about that photo with the cat (above).

“He is a wonderful rescue cat (but) he has a knack for looking surprised whenever a photo is being taken!”

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Labor has 18 members of the 40-seat Upper House, while the Coalition has 11.

The rest of the members are a mix of three Hinch Party members, two Liberal Democrats, and one each from the Greens, Reason, Sustainable Australia, Transport Matters, and Animal Justice parties.

Photo: Animal Justice Party website