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Only a matter of time before UFC death, says Jon Anderson

It’s only a matter of time before somebody is killed during a UFC fight, says Jon Anderson.

The Herald Sun sports journalist told 3AW Breakfast Holly Holm’s fight-winning kick on Ronda Rousey – while skilful – brought back bad memories for him.

‘My first thought was (the death of cricketer) Phillip Hughes – I have to be honest about that,’ Ando told Ross and John.

‘That’s exactly what I thought.

‘She was struck in a similar area.

‘It wasn’t by a cricket ball doing 135 k’s, it was by a foot that was travelling pretty fast.

‘But I thought, at some stage, that is going to happen?

‘Because that is an area we didn’t think of previously as being potentially fatal until that tragic incident with Phillip Hughes.’

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