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Opera singer Matt Hirst releases album for cancer research

Matt Hirst is a very impressive young man.

He’s 29. He’s an opera singer. And he’s dealing with brain cancer.

Matt has released an album to help raise funds for Cure For Brain Cancer.

He told Neil Mitchell making the album was a demanding process.

‘For me, my energy would disappear really quickly,’ he said.


Matt’s mum Jo.

Matt said his aim is to bring attention to brain cancer.

‘It doesn’t get much media attention, and it doesn’t get much funding,’ he said.

‘It’s one of the most aggressive. The survival rate is one of the lowest.’

Matt’s mum, Jo, joined him in the 3AW studio, telling Neil she was ‘shattered’ when the news of Matt’s cancer broke.

‘You’ve just got to carry on and make the most of every day that you have,’ she said.

‘We don’t take anything for granted anymore.’

You can support Matt’s album by clicking here.

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