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Opposition leader says he hasn’t spoken with Daniel Andrews in ‘months’

Victorian opposition leader Michael O’Brien says he hasn’t spoken with Daniel Andrews on a personal basis in months.

The Liberal Party leader has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for being overly negative about the government.

Mr O’Brien told Neil Mitchell he was willing to put politics aside to help Victoria best manage the coronavirus crisis, but his party hadn’t been given a “seat at the table”.

“I think the last discussion I had with the Premier would have been a couple of months ago, apart from our exchanges in parliament, so no,” he said when asked about whether he’d received any briefings from Daniel Andrews.

“Look, that’s not ideal.

“But you know what Daniel Andrews is like, Neil.

“He won’t come on your program.

“He doesn’t want to speak to you, he doesn’t want to speak to me, he doesn’t want to speak to anybody who has got a different view point.

“He likes ‘yes’ people around him.

“It makes it really hard to deal with this fellow in a bipartisan way, I have to say, but I am willing because I think that’s what Victorians want to see.

“I think Victorians think the national cabinet worked well and I think Victorians would like to see a state version of that but it’s just not happening at the moment.

“I’m up for it if the Premier is up for it.”

The opposition leader went on to explain what he’d being doing differently right now if he was Premier.

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