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Ouch! Peter Hitchener’s DIY gardening project gave him a black eye

Newsman Peter Hitchener loves a bit of DIY in the garden and around the home.

But his latest venture has left him with a black eye.

Talking DIY disasters and adventures in his regular spot with Denis Walter today, he explained why he’s got a bit of a black eye.

He shared a story about how he was suffering with extreme hayfever after using the leaf blower and whipper snipper.

“I’m rubbing my eye, I thought oh that’s better now,” he said.

“When I had a look later it was black, it’s like I’ve been slugged by somebody!

“I thought I’d better go to the chemist and find out what’s going on – they said no you’ve just given yourself a black eye!”

Luckily though he’s not alone, 3AW listeners had plenty of stories to share about their own DIY fails.

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