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Our Watch CEO says ‘Respectful Relationships’ program works and isn’t discriminatory

Debatable new school subject ‘Respectful Relationships’ was trialled across 19 Victorian schools in the past year.  

The program is designed to breakdown gaps in gender equality, focussing on gender-based violence. 

Tom Elliott spoke with Mary Barry, CEO of Our Watch and one of the creators of the ‘Respectful Relationships’ program.

Tom asked Mary if she had heard Herald Sun Columnist Rita Panahi’s thoughts on the program.

‘Yes, I heard what she had to say, and I would like to say is that respectful relationships education is just about respect. It gives young people, boys and girls, the skills to reject on unhealthy aggressive behaviour and discrimination.’

‘It is definitely not saying that all men are perpetrators and all women are victims.’ ? Mary said on 3AW Drive.

She says survey’s conducted by Our Watch say men are perceived as better politicians than women and have access to better professions than women. – ‘We’re trying to breakdown that stereotype and breakdown that power.’

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