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‘Overkill’: Melbourne council brings in bobcat to rip out bike jumps built by kids in park

A Melbourne council has used a bobcat to rip out dirt bike jumps constructed by children.

A group of 12-year-old kids built the jumps at a park in Research, in Melbourne’s north-east.

But they returned to the park this week to find they had been ripped out by Nillumbik Council.

Rachael Brown, the mother of one of the children who built the jumps, said her son is devastated.

“The kids are just distressed,” she said.

“They feel like they’re being punished for something we’re telling them to do; get out there, be involved, be part of your community, exercise and be out in the fresh air.”

The Research mother said the council’s response has been completely out of proportion.

“The council took a bobcat down there last week and dug them out, which was a bit of overkill. The bobcat probably caused more environmental stress to the park then what the jumps did!

“They’re dirt and they’re knee-high to a grasshopper!

The council has reportedly cited safety concerns as the reason for removing the jumps.

“Apparently someone was going to trip over them, that’s what the council said, but it’s in a massive space,” Ms Brown said.

“It’s in, maybe, a five acre park. It’s nowhere near the playground, it’s nowhere near the walking tracks.”

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