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OVO Mobile launches new mobile phone plan for kids

The first mobile phone plan for kids has launched in Australia.

OVO Mobile has specifically designed the plan for kids and tweens as a stepping stone.

Nick McCallum spoke with Matt Jones, CEO of OVO Mobile who says the plan blocks out naughty content.

‘It stops apps being installed without your consent,’ he tells 3AW Drive.

‘It’s got some really nifty features like screen time schedules, making sure you kids don’t sneak off to bed and use it at bedtime.’

He says, ‘I think we’re addressing the biggest concern for any parent that is contemplating that first SIM or first mobile phone service, how do I do it securely and safely.’

The average Australian kid gets their first phone at age 10.

The new OVO plan $9.95 per month, which includes one gigabyte of data and $200 of calls.

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