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Pakenham-Cranbourne sky rail makes sense: RMIT expert Ian Woodcock

The sky rail proposed for the Cranbourne-Pakenham line will be quieter than the current set-up, and fears of an eyesore have been exaggerated, an expert says.

Ian Woodcock, from RMIT’s social and urban studies unit, today told Ross and John the controversial new level crossing alternative makes sense.

‘Contemporary engineering means (the sky rail) is going to be quieter than the current railway line,’ he said.

‘The only place it could be graffitied is on the pillars holding it up, which is a relatively low surface area … are there are ways of dealing with that.’

Nearly 3000 people have signed a petition against the proposal.

The government yesterday unveiled the $1.6 billion project to remove nine level crossings by elevating the rail line.

Opposition planning spokesperson David Davis says residents have not be consulted and have a right to be angry.

‘The noise and the sound is going to be deafening,’ he said.

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