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Panic buttons proposed to promote safety in inner city parks

A new Councillor will propose the idea of panic buttons in city parks at a City of Yarra meeting this evening, in an effort to make public spaces safer.

City of Yarra Councillor, Bridgid O’Brien, told 3AW Drive the buttons would allow for a quick access and response to emergency systems.

“First we are asking for a report to be done on the viability of panic alarms that will link you directly to emergency services,” said Councillor O’Brien.

“We are looking to create sensitive planing and design for parks with clear route concepts, clear line of sight and visibility of paths to streets.

“These buttons would be similar to those in train stations which could allow emergency services to directly locate you.

“It’s one thing we could do to change the culture and say male dominance and violence is unacceptable.”

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