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Paralympian Brydee Moore has disability pension cut while overseas representing Australia

The mother of a promising Australian athlete says her daughter may give up her sporting career after her disability support pension was cut in half because of it.

Brydee Moore, 25, claimed a silver medal at the IPC Athletics World Championships in Qatar last month.

But Ms Moore, who has cerebral palsy, returned to Australia to find her disability support pension had been slashed.

And it’s since been revealed on 3AW Mornings the issue is endemic.

Many of our Paralympians are having their assistance cut while they’re representing Australia overseas.

Donna Moore, Brydee’s mother, told Neil Mitchell it had created all sorts of problems for her daughter.

‘She lost her rent money,’ she explained on 3AW Mornings.

She said it undoubtedly threatened Brydee’s promising career.

‘It could drive her out of the sport,’ Donna said.

‘It’s hard enough as it is.’

Click PLAY below to hear Donna Moore explain why the assistance has been cut.

And it turns out Brydee isn’t the only athlete having issues with the system.

Carol Cooke won a Gold Medal at London 2012 and suffers from multiple sclerosis.

She heard Donna’s conversation with Neil Mitchell and called in to say she had experienced similar things while overseas competing.

‘It’s tough,’ the cyclist said.

‘It does make me angry.’

Click PLAY below to hear Carol Cooke’s chat with Neil Mitchell.