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Paramedic who was punched by patient in Epping says apology is ‘beside the point’

The paramedic who was hospitalised after being assaulted in Epping has told Neil Mitchell he’s not not ready to face his attacker, after hearing the man wants to apologise.

Paul was spat on, punched in the face and hospitalised with back injuries after an intoxicated patient became abusive in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He told Neil Mitchell, while he acknowledges the man now feels some sort of remorse, he’s not quite ready to accept an apology.

“I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet,” he said.

“If one of us loses an eye, or is pushed down the stairs and ends up with an acquired brain injury I think the apology is beside the point.”

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Paul told Neil the violence paramedics face has been getting worse since he began in the industry in 1999.

“This intoxicated male ended up toppling the stretcher, and in a split second I thought, he’s going to break his arm, and I reached out and grabbed it and I effectively took what would be a 200kg load and I’ve quite badly strained my back,” he said.

“I’m feeling a bit sick and sore and sorry for myself.”

Photo: Australian Ambulance Employees Facebook