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‘Gobsmacked’: Richmond schoolkids confronted by ‘obscene’ Pauline Hanson graffiti

“Gobsmacked” parents of Richmond schoolchildren want new graffiti involving Pauline Hanson removed from outside a Catholic primary school.

The graphic image of a man bending over, above, appeared overnight opposite Trinity Catholic Primary School, on the corner of Burnley and North streets.

Mum Helene, who contacted 3AW, said her daughter saw it on her way to school.

“Taking my daughter to school this morning, she had her mouth wide open when she had a look at that,” she said.

“We both were a bit gobsmacked.

“I said ‘My gosh, don’t look at that, that’s pretty terrible’.

“He’s bending over flashing a really big brown-eye, with a smiling Pauline Hanson coming out of his bottom.”

Neil Mitchell agreed it is obscene and offensive.