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Parent concerned about his 7-year-old learning about asylum seekers at school

A concerned parent has called Tom Elliott about what his son is being taught in Grade 2.

The child, who is at a government school, mentioned to his father that the government is ‘evil’. 

He said his teacher had taught him that the government was sending good people to an island like a jail just because they didn’t have passports.

‘It’s not right that I have to then explain policies to a seven-year-old,’ Craig said. .

Tom said it is ‘unbelievable’ that a teacher would simplify a complex issue to such an extent, and questioned whether the kids should be hearing about the issue at all.

‘People’s childhoods should be, as far as possible, relatively innocent,’ he said.

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Rita Panahi said ‘activist teachers’ should be disciplined for pushing views onto children.

The Herald Sun columnist told Tom activists don’t give all sides of an argument.

‘I wonder if that teacher also told that kid that Australia’s about to have its largest intake of refugees since World War 2,’ Ms Panahi said.

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