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Parents beware: Kids games promoting gambling and infidelity

Children as young as six are being exposed to mature content on games that promote gambling and infidelity.

Popular free apps such as Merge Plane and Miraculous, which are targeted at kids, advertise click-on content directing young users to inappropriate sites.

Despite the use of G-rated parental controls, ads still appear when devices are connected to the internet.

Young families are rightfully concerned that their children are predisposed to mature themes that could cause potential harm.

Narelle, a young mother from Melbourne expressed her concern to Neil Mitchell on the Mornings program today.

With a 7-year-old who regularly uses these apps she questions “what [creators] are achieving?”

Some ads ask users to decide if you should “sleep with your sisters boyfriend and tell him you fell pregnant.”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) uphold strict restrictions for advertising during children’s programs and state “Gambling ads can’t be shown during G, C and P classified programs.”

Which begs the question, should children’s apps be monitored with similar guidelines?

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