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Parents beware: Your child could be travelling unsafely

Most Australian parents are confused when it comes to child car safety, says a leading pediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Whilst it is legal for children over 7 to travel with an adult seat belt, the safest practice is for your child to remain in a boosted seat until they are about 11 years-old.

Dr Anthea Rhodes told 3AW Breakfast the best option is that children stay “in the back seat on a booster until they are 145cm tall”.

“An adult seat belt sits on dangerous parts of a child’s body,” said Dr Rhodes.

“The sash sits across the neck, when it’s supposed to sit across the strong shoulder bone.

“When a child is in a crash that seat belt becomes very dangerous.

“We see devastating injuries from children (who are) too short travelling without a booster seat.”

Neglecting to seat your child in a booster seat almost doubles their chance of injury or death in the event of a crash.

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