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Parliamentary committee recommends driving age be lowered to 17

A parliamentary committee has backed a bold Victorian teen’s bid to get the driving age lowered to 17. 

Parliament’s Law Reform Road and Community Safety committee has spent several months investigating whether to lower the probationary driving age to seventeen.

The committee heard from road experts and dozens of teens.

The final report has been tabled in Parliament this morning.

The committee has recommended the driving age be lowered to 17 in Victoria, although it does not believe there is a significant difference between the risks associated with drivers aged 17 compared to 18.

Dave Serpell last year petitioned to have the driving age lowered and presented his petition to the committee last year.

‘I feel like the whole of Australia can drive at 17,’ he told Neil Mitchell. 

‘Why do we have to wait until 18 just because we are Victorians? I think we are just as good drivers.’

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