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Pass It On: Man who paid for stranger’s petrol sparks chain reaction

A man who has his petrol paid for by a stranger has passed on the good deed.

Tyson Crawley was stuck at an Albury petrol station late last week when he couldn’t remember the PIN code to his new credit card.

The stranger came to his rescue, forking out over $100 in an extraordinary random act of kindness.

The man identified himself as John, and asked only that Mr Crawley ‘pass it on’. 

And he has already done so.

Neil Mitchell reunited the pair on the phone on Monday morning, where Tyson revealed he has since performed a similar good deed.

‘I wanted to go an make someone’s day, the same way John did for me,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

John told Neil he wasn’t looking to be repaid.

‘Life is short. We should be looking outward, and not always inward,’ he said.

‘We’re all humans. Together, we should be helping each other.’

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