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Creep booted off train by real estate agent after he was busted filming young woman bound for the races

Rumour confirmed

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A creep has been booted off a train after he was busted filming a woman on her way to the races on Saturday.

The Rumour File was told passengers cheered when a real estate agent intervened after he was caught filming a woman sitting in front of him.

Andrew Smith told Ross and John he was on the train with his daughters and their friends when he confronted two men, aged in their mid-60s.

His daughter spotted one of the men filming a woman sitting nearby.

“My detective daughter Coco said I think one of those guys up there is filming your friend,” he said.

“The phone was angled across and clearly it was recording.

“He was filming one of the girls sitting there on her seat in full frame.”

By this stage, the exchange had caught the attention of the rest of the passengers.

“As we came into the next station, I think it may have been Richmond, I said actually you can get off and if you don’t leave I’m going to get the police,” he said.

“They both got up and left to the cheers of the surrounding people.”

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Rumour confirmed