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Passengers trapped after Montague Street bridge bus crash

Passengers were trapped for more than an hour after a bus smashed into the Montague Bridge.

All 17 passengers are now conscious and suffering mostly minor injuries such as cuts and abrasions.

The driver was seen crying with his head in his hands in a nearby gutter soon after the crash.

Firefighters working on the destroyed front of the bus.

Firefighters working on the destroyed front of the bus. Photo: Pat Mitchell

The force of the crash peeled back the bus’s roof.

MFB controller Andrew O’Connell said firefighters feared worse when they arrived at the scene.

‘The height of the rail bridge is just above their head height,’ he said.

‘It would’ve been absolutely terrifying for the passengers.

‘Thankfully they all ducked their heads and closed their eyes … I think that’s helped keep them remarkably uninjured.’

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The bus involved is from the Ballarat-based Gold Bus company.

The Montage St bridge in South Melbourne is notorious for trapping oversized vehicles, especially trucks.