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Patti Newton slams Woman’s Day over ‘candid shots’ and ‘stupid’ Matthew story

Patti Newton has sought legal advice over a Woman’s Day cover article about her son Matthew’s engagement.

The article claims Matthew Newton has split with his fiance, leaving Patti and Bert “reeling” and “devastated”.

“It’s totally untrue,” an angry Patti told 3AW Nightline.

“I’ve spoken to them both today, they’re as happy as Larry.

“It’s a totally made-up story, just so they can use this shocking photo of me carrying bags.”

The photo, on the cover of the November issue of the magazine, was accompanied by the headline ‘Patti packs her bags’.

“Everyone’s thinking (from the headline) I’m leaving Bert — I guess that’s what they wanted,” she told Simon Owens and Phil Brady. “The way the story reads I’m heading over to console Matthew.”

“It’s only because they’ve got that photograph that they’ve made up that story.

“It does drive me mad. It’s such a stupid story.”

Patti said that while she doubts she can afford to sue the magazine, she has sought legal advice.

She said it’s far from the first time she’s been tempted to pursue a media outlet.

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