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Pauline Hanson explains her recent success


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson could soon wield immense political power at the Federal level.

Money News host Ross Greenwood says that with a wafer-thin Coalition majority in the lower house, strong poll figures suggests she could influence who becomes the next Prime Minister of Australia.

The Queensland Senator spoke with Ross Greenwood about the reason for her success.

‘The sheer frustration of people in rural and regional areas, they feel forgotten’.

She identified the cost of electricity in rural areas as a key issue.

‘The man on the land, they’re doing it damn tough’.

Rejecting coal-fired power is ‘not in our best interests’, she said.

Ross suggested the whole thing could still implode before the next election, but Hanson insisted she has control of her party.

‘I’m very politically astute these days’.

She said has weeded out candidates who want to use her name to push their own agenda.

Hanson told Ross voters dissatisfied with the mainstream parties were flocking to her.

‘Labor voters are coming across… even in the city now’.

‘We’re getting a hell of a lot of people from Melbourne’.

‘People are frightened for the future’.

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