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Pauly Plated reviews Moby in Armadale


This week I’ve dined at Moby, 1150 High street, Armadale.

As soon as you approach the venue at 1150 High Street Armadale you are hit with a sense of style and a confidence in the offering. Not surprising as the owners are Christina Higgins, ex-catering manager for Yotam Ottolenghi in London, and Stephen Svensen, ex-head chef at Pillar of Salt and Barry. This dynamic duo have created a well oiled, beautifully presented destination. The outdoor area at the front is great with plenty of footpath room, a rare commodity at it’s inner city caf? cousins.

Christina’s London experiences with Yotam Ottolenghi can be seen in the Horisso bean dish which is a lovely Middle eastern influenced breakfast dish with Shanklish (a personal favorite) as the active ingredient. There are clear influences again in the salad offerings that will be back in January – roasted leek, sumac crusted cauliflower and a beetroot salad point to this.

Stephen’s influence can be seen in the Southern Fried Chicken Sub and the Californian Superfood Salad, both excellent additions to the sharp menu.

Hand-cut Chips with Black Garlic Aioli.

Hand-cut Chips with Black Garlic Aioli.

‘Oh no the chips’ I reckon they are the best I’ve had out and that’s what eating out is all about eating dishes you don’t make at home. These are not your ordinary chips, they had a Heston feel about them. I dare not ask them their secret, they are awesome. They come with a black garlic Aioli which tastes great and is super cool.

While we are on super cool, the interior and brand positioning of Moby is spot on. The interior fit out is inviting and fresh with teal and contrast pastel tiles, punctuated by fresh white powder coated steel. Clean and sharp.

Horisso Beans: Shanklish, spiked green sauce, soft herbs, poached eggs, toast.

Horisso Beans: Shanklish, spiked green sauce, soft herbs, poached eggs, toast.

So down to business, what we ate:

Waygu Beef Burger Cheese, pickled cucumber, lettuce, mustard mayo a crispy onion rings. The onion rings were superfine and super crispy.

Southern Fried Chicken Sub House made kimchi, Kewpie mayo, salted peanuts.

Crispy Tempura Prawns Yuzu mayo, shaved iceberg, mini milk buns, these were awesome.

Hand-cut Chips with Aioli (Black Garlic).

Californian Superfood Salad Tricoloured quinoa, shredded kale, wild puffed rice, charred corn, turtle beans, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, goji berries, salata, coriander, spiced lime vinaigrette.

Horisso Beans Shanklish, spiked green sauce, soft herbs, poached eggs, toast.

Moby is a well oiled machine considering it has only been open for 8 weeks. They are looking at getting a liquor license as soon as they can. When they do the outdoor roof are will be a super spot to sip a beer cocktail or wine.

Check it out.