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Pauly Plated reviews Two Patties Burger House in Bundoora Square


Two Patties – Shop 8, Dennison Mall, Bundoora –

This week I went Two Patties, a burger house that’s only been open for 12 weeks, tucked in the back of the Dennison Mall shops in Bundoora square? not your typical Pok?mon Go stop.

As we know burger houses are opening up everywhere but we all like a good local suburban burger offering.

Daryl the owner and chef, a former mechanic, has been dreaming of being a chef for 31 years? fortunately Two Patties has been worth the wait.

These are straight up no nonsense burgers with tasty well seasoned patties, a punchy sauce or two and good structure. They use grass fed beef from southern Victoria to make the patties fresh each day, American style cheddar and the bun is a specially made brioche blend so it’s not too sweet or oily.

The cheese burger is a really tasty cheesy bite, just the right mix with two patties, two slices of cheese, pickles, finely chopped onion, American mustard and Tomato sauce.

When we asked Daryl what burger he was proud of, he said the Onion burger. Like all the beef burgers it has the signature two patties and two slices of cheese, with added caramelised onions and BBQ sauce.

The Mr. Burns was particularly good with jalapenos and a housemade chilli sauce, it was just the right amount of heat.

A must try is the fries which were a special this week, hand cut with a delicious three cheese topping. Also available with smoked meat on top.

They also smoke different meats each day, rotating between beef, pork and chicken. We had a large slider (which is essentially a burger sized bun,) with 12 hour smoked pork. I’ve eaten a bit of smoked pork over the past few years and all too often it can be dry, but this was just right, not dry at all and a very bold smoked flavour.

I love a good milk shake, I couldn’t go past their cookies and cream flavour. Just for fun they added a bit of strawberry flavouring. They actually throw whole chocolate cookies into the blender ? just so good!


Pauly Plated.