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Pay day: Flemington ATM malfunctions, punters cash in

A malfunctioning ATM at Flemington racecourse has proven a big hit with punters on Derby Day.

Racegoer Peter Allen told Ross and John the ATM in the nursery car park was giving back $100 for every $40 withdrawn.

Word first emerged about 1pm and punters were still lining up after the final race (as pictured above, although 3AW is not suggesting everyone in that line made use of the malfunction).

“The rumour spread through the nursery car park like the best bet of the day,” honest punter Peter told 3AW.

“Everyone was walking home with $100 notes.

“People were still taking money out of this ATM at 7pm.”

The machine was a privately operated ATM.

It’s not yet clear whether there could be any recourse for the machine operator or banks.

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