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‘PC, do-gooder, fiddlers’: The two stories that show how out of touch councils are

The Darebin City Council — “the Green council” — wants the Municipal Association of Victoria to launch an advertising blitz promoting the importance and great work of councils.

“They’ve obviously realised they’re on the nose,” Neil Mitchell said.

But instead of a propaganda campaign, he’s got a better idea about how councils can improve their public perception

Stop meddling in nonsense, and just do your job.

“The Darebin council hates Australia Day, loathes cars and want to rename parks after aborigines,” he said.

“They don’t seem to realise that that is the reason they are on the nose; embarrassing themselves and frustrating ratepayers by fiddling in areas they shouldn’t fiddle in.”

The City of Melbourne gave Neil Mitchell more fodder today.

The Herald Sun has reported they’re about to consider setting up a permanent ceremonial site for Aborigines in inner Melbourne, creating “culturally safe places”, and erecting “stolen generations” memorials.

“There is lots to worry about when it comes to Indigenous Australians,” Neil said.

“But none of it can be solved by these Melbourne council ideas.

“To me, it is politically correct, do-gooder fiddling in an area they should stay out of.”

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