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Penalty should have been the same

There’s certainly been some strong views this week about the Tom Hawkins suspension.

Both Chris and Brad Scott have voiced their surprise, as have star players Marc Murphy, Jack Riewoldt and Drew Petrie.

Gold Coast’s Tom Lynch escaped suspension, instead getting a $1500 fine for a ‘gut punch’ to Sydney’s Jeremy Laidler.

Leigh Matthews believes Hawkins and Lynch should have been handed the same penalty.

‘It wasn’t unjust, it wasn’t disgraceful, but it was a harsh interpretation,’ said Matthews about the Hawkins suspension.

‘But I reckon a punch in the stomach was about the same.

‘They both should have maybe got a week, or the both should have got a fine.’

Matthews has a reputation for being one of the toughest players to ever take to the field and he made it clear which punch he would prefer to be on the end of.

‘I’d still prefer to be punched in the stomach than the face.’

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