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Penny Wong’s backflip shows politicians ‘can’t be trusted’ on same-sex marriage

Tom Elliott says Penny Wong’s backflip on marriage equality shows politicians can’t be trusted to deal with the issue.

The 3AW Drive host, a supporter of same-sex marriage, dug up old quotes from Ms Wong after she hit out at the Coalition’s proposed plebiscite in the Senate on Wednesday.

“If an openly gay politician like Penny Wong was prepared to say only seven years that marriage is between a man and a woman and now comes out and gets angry at anybody who says the same thing – she cannot be trusted on this issue,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“Frankly, I wouldn’t trust any of them.

“Have a plebiscite and give us, the people, a say.”

A caller asked Tom Elliott why he was taking aim at Ms Wong when other politicians had been hypocritical about the issue.

“If anybody was going to have a consistent view on gay marriage over the years, you would have thought it’d be her,” Tom Elliott explained.

“Yes, she was probably toeing the party line in 2010 when she said marriage was between a man and woman – I want to know what the real Penny Wong thinks.

“The real Penny Wong is happy to play politics on this issue, just as plenty of members in the Liberals will play politics nowadays.

“Penny Wong, when it suits her, will say she doesn’t support gay marriage and when it does, she’ll say she does support gay marriage.”

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