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Pensioner banned from Werribee hotel because of tattoo tribute to son


A pensioner with a neck tattoo has been denied entry to a western suburbs hotel.

After it was first reported on The Rumour File, 67-year-old John confirmed to Ross and John he was blocked at the door of the Park Hotel in Werribee.

The tattoo, pictured above, is a tribute to his son Josh, a disability worker who recently died of cancer.

“We just went to go out to tea … and the guy at the door stopped me,” John told.

“He said ‘Have you got a shirt and collar as you can’t come in because you have a neck tattoo’.

“You’re allowed in with a T-shirt if the tattoo is on your arm.

“All my partner said was ‘What century are we living in?’, and they said ‘Look, that’s our policy’, and so we walked off.”

Image: The Park Hotel dress code

“It’s not an offensive tattoo,” John said.

“I just couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve worked with people with disabilities to make them feel integrated, and they made me feel segregated.”

The Park Hotel’s website states that along with exposed neck tattoos, “intimidating or offensive tattoos” are also banned as part of their smart casual dress code.

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