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‘People are avoiding it like the plague’: Pete Ford says Rove’s new show is tanking

Rove McManus’ new program Saturday Night Rove has failed to win over viewers in its second week.

Entertainment guru Pete Ford said there’s no denying the show is tanking.

“We don’t want to see any local show tank, but that is pretty much what is happening with Rove’s new show,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

Pete said the show had a legitimate excuse for failing to rate in its first week, but not this week.

“Last Saturday night, for the first one… cricket and football up against you, I mean, that’s a tough ask,” he said.

“On Saturday night he had pretty much a clear run and he had an audience of 137,000 in prime time, right across the country.

“There’s no spin you can put on that.

“People are avoiding it like the plague.”

Pete said times have changed, and perhaps the program would rate better in a later time slot.

“There’s no doubt times have changed,” he said.

“It’s pretty much dead in the water.”

The program has been commissioned for six episodes.

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