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‘People are starting to stand up’: Adam Goodes backlash brings out support

Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner is concerned by the backlash against David Jones after they appointed Adam Goodes as a reconciliation adviser.

David Jones was hounded on social media for partnering with Goodes, who has divided the community as Australian of the Year.

But Commissioner Kate Jenkins told Neil Mitchell she’s remaining optimistic.

‘It’s exposing an issue that our Aboriginal community lives with every day,’ Ms Jenkins said. 

‘This is educating the community, and people are starting to stand up.’

Ms Jenkins has recently joined the Carlton Football Club board, and says she is excited about football leading the way in promoting social issues including gender equality.

‘There’s lots of industries where gender equality doesn’t live,’ she said on Tuesday.

‘We don’t have a community where we’ve got really good gender equality yet.

‘Footy is a good place to start moving that direction.’

LISTEN: Kate Jenkins speaks with Neil Mitchell