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The toilet paper shortage has taken plumbers to a strange place

With panic buyers stripping supermarket shelves of toilet paper for several weeks now, many have resorted to using other things and it hasn’t ended well.

The Drain Man’s Brendan Dover said he’s found some seriously odd things flushed down toilets.

“Clothing, underpants, ‘flushable’ wipes, newspaper, all sorts of strange things,” he told 3AW’s Dee Dee.

It’s not just the person who flushes the wrong thing down the toilet that suffers, either.

“They accumulate both in the drain from the house but also in the reticulation system for the water authorities, and that’s where it becomes a really major issue because it then affects everyone,” Mr Dover said.

The Drain Man’s message for Australians who find themselves without toilet paper?

“Don’t flush anything other than the three Ps,” Mr Dover said.

“If it’s not on a toilet roll then don’t flush it.”

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