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Permitted workplaces: State government releases tweaked list of who can and can’t work

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Some Melburnians woke this morning to the surprise news that they cannot go to work today, after the state government released a new list of permitted work premises in the early hours of this morning.

The new list provides more clarification on grey areas of business operation.

The updated list of permitted workplaces is available HERE.

Clarification on warehousing and distribution is among the change, with warehousing moved to the ‘permitted workplace’ list.

Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group, Innes Willox, says the change should dissuade concerns over stock shortages and panic buying, but there’s still some confusion.

“You think would mean they are now able to operate fully,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“But there’s not the supporting documentation that you’d normally expect to give clarity around that, and the Business Victoria is still running the old information.”

Other changes include clarification for dentists, who may now only operate for “urgent care”.

Physiotherapists and allied health professionals were previously told they could only receive patients with a referral from a GP.

Today, reference to the need for a referral has been removed from the permitted workplace guidelines.

Another change applies to car parks. On the old guide they were told they must close, but on the the updated list, car parks supporting permitted workers and industries may remain open.

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The widespread shutdown is expected to leave 250,000 Melburnians without a job, and another 500,000 working from home.